Since 1999, Vacuworx has been engineering and manufacturing the highest quality heavy-duty lifting equipment for the oil and gas, water and sewer, highway and heavy construction, concrete construction, landscaping and manufacturing industries.

Inspired by a Passion for Safety

Worker safety drives everything we do! Vacuworx continues to meet or exceed global safety and engineering standards in order to remain the most complete and responsive manufacturer of vacuum lifting equipment in the world.

Vacuworx is OSHA compliant and ISO Standard 9001:2008 certified for Quality Management Systems.

Vacuworx meets or exceeds the following safety standards:

  • ASME BTH-1-2011 for Design and Engineering
  • ANSI/ASME standards section B30.20 for Construction, Build and Implementation
  • AS 4991-2004 Standards that apply to vacuum lifters
  • European CE Machinery Directive
  • European CE Low Voltage Directive
  • European CE Electromagnetic Interference Directive
We are in the business of getting people out of harm's way, out of places they shouldn't be. - Bill Solomon


Vacuworx is dedicated to developing respected partnerships with our customers and employees through innovative solutions, effective communication and a passion for progress. Our mission is to provide the highest value of vacuum lifting equipment, and be the most complete and responsive manufacturer of vacuum lifting equipment in the world.


To create safer, more efficient material handling environments worldwide through innovative lifting solutions.

Core Values

  • Build a reputation of trust, respect and commitment by consistently providing top quality, innovative solutions to the unique needs of our customers.
  • Invest energy and resources in the communities where we live and in the industries we serve.
  • Encourage innovative thinking in all phases of business and employee development.
  • Create an environment of educational growth for our employees and customers.
  • Promote safe practices and an atmosphere of precision and compliance.